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About Us

Omega Insurance Company, SP was created to meet the special needs of niche markets and clientele. The innovative, unique approach to insurance is the hallmark of Omega Insurance. From the paradigm-breaking underwriting process to simple features and benefits, we are setting the new gold standard in Health Insurance for all to follow. We are the new model of the insurance carrier and the way forward for Insurtech.

The World We Live In

The United States has the best providers and technology that the world has ever seen. However, the regulatory and business structures that surround them are in chaos. The healthcare side is growing in amazing capabilities but is hampered by the extremes of political mayhem. The health insurance side is in greater turmoil as it attempts to adjust to the enormous sea changes that come from big government, big business, and being the largest single industry in the United States. Nothing in the insurance world moves quickly or adapts to the needs of the market well. Most consumers are just holding their breath and waiting to see what will come of it and then try to figure out how it will impact their lives: it is all out of their hands. Assuredly, all will be affected in some way or another. We know that there are better ways to insure health care and we are constantly adding innovation to meet those needs.

Our Mission

Omega Insurance Company develops and delivers truly innovative insurance products and services that work to meet the needs of niche markets, to eliminate pain and obstacles, and to set new standards for the industry through designed simplicity and innovation.

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